Marriage Retreats in PA

Marriage Retreats in PA

For those looking for a marriage retreat in PA near Philadelphia there are so many beautiful locations within a short drive or train ride such as the Poconos.

Here are the factors you want to consider.

Distance – Do you want something that is convenient and just an hour or two drive away?  Are you looking for something more remote that might end up being more affordable? Are you able to leave for your retreat at a time that you won’t get stuck in rush hour?  Nothing kills googly eyes and coo-ing sounds like a bad traffic jam

Activities – Do you want to be really active with hiking, biking, yoga or swimming or are you content to just lounge around a fireplace and sleep until noon?  Do you want the retreat to be structured with speakers and group workshops or do you want to be more independent and spontaneous.  If it is a marriage retreat you will want to find plenty of activities that you will want to do together and not just go off and he is fishing the whole time while you are taking pilates classes.

Cost –  Are you looking for something that is luxurious and not as conscious about saving money or do you need something that is more wallet-friendly?  If you are more budget conscious then you can start subscribing to lists like Groupon or Living Social and see what kind of travel deals they have.

If you are more particular about a certain area or property then you can monitor terms like  “Marriage Retreat PA” or “Poconos Getaway” on twitter alerts so that anytime this term gets mentioned on social media  (often that happens because there is some kind of discount or offer involved) you will get these delivered to your inbox as one message instead of having to search for them every day.)  I used this tactic when we were traveling to Las Vegas and was looking to see if there were any discounts that were being offered.

Adult Only  – Are you looking to get away from the kids and want peace and quiet or are you going to bring the kids along and need lots of kid-friendly activities like swimming and arts and crafts?  Is there child-care services on premises so that you can leave the noisy ones with them as the two of you have your couple time?

Amenities– Are you looking for something luxurious with all touches likes mints on your pillows or is something rustic and cozy  (which will also mean lower-cost)  more up your alley?  Do you have to be at a place that has WIFI so you can stay connected or do you want to be unplugged and unbothered?

Couples Retreats in PA near Philadelphia

Couples Retreats in PA near Philadelphia

Weather – If the retreat is at a remote location, then you’ll have to factor bad weather ( especially in winter) could hinder your plans.  Find out about how good or bad the roads are as well as the refund policy in case of inclement weather.   If you are going in the middle of summer are there activities like swimming or classes indoors in case it gets too intense to hike around in 95 heat with humidity that feels like a wet blanket?  If it is in the middle of winter, then make sure there are plenty of fun indoors activities so you don’t just feel like you have cabin fever.

Jasmine Kaloudis teaches many budget couples retreats near Philadelphia  as well as romantic poses for couples  and is the author of the best spiritual websites list.