Romantic Ideas, Romance Tips and Top Sites for the Love-ChallengedI’ve been scouring the web for romance ideas, romance website and romance tips.  More often than not,  the tips are low cost and no-cost. I found romantic games, how to propose and stories from people that have used them. Let me know how they worked for you. Post your thoughts on our Facebook page. – This has all kinds of romantic ideas, romance games and romantic tips and there is even a section on french kissing?  Don’t swing your tongue round and round like a windmill. Explore lightly, don’t drill your way through.
– Lots of date ideas, articles on romance, romantic games,  the section on marriage proposals has stories of how people proposed. My favorite romantic game was  Play basketball indoors on a mini hoop; everytime you get scored on, you take something off.” The gift ideas page had some unusual and also usual romantic gifts.  I was able to send a romantic card to my hottie hellenic hubby and post it on his Facebook page.  The most valuable was the Romantic tips page with my favorite “ Write him a check for a million kisses”. – Instead of the take an expensive romantic vacation or fancy restaurant this has all kinds of games that are free or very easy on your wallet to do.  Have you ever made a pair of dice and had on each side “Kiss, Hug, Massage” Lick” on them and then started to roll them?
This site is run by and is well researched and written.  Romance articles and romance tips about dating after divorce, how to know when he will propose and what to do when you’re dating a bad boy.  Written for women. Novel romantic ideas  and tips and quirky ideas for getting your honey in the mood.  Did you know you can name a star after your sweetie? Written by respected experts of Wbmd, dating and love tips aimed at teenage girls with prudent advice about taking your time, not posting all the details on Facebook and how to protect yourself from pressure Stories and romantic tips from website visitors about romantic gestures they did for their significant other. Have you ever toweled off your beloved after a shower and got them all warm and dry?

50 Very Simple Ways to Be Romantic has more zany stuff you can do. “Take a walk on the beach together. Run up ahead and write a message in the sand, and then call your partner to see what you “found.”

What are your thought about how to be romantic?  Post your thoughts on our Facebook page


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