Yoga Exercises for Beginners for Weight LossYoga Exercises for Beginners for Weight Loss

Yoga was originally a system that was just designed to help you achieve self-actualization that was developed in India thousands of years ago.  It was really just a seated meditation practice and the poses were designed later to help people feel more comfortable to be in the seated meditation poses longer.  It was originally just men that taught and did yoga.

When yoga started to become popular in the west it ended up evolving into a hip, popular exercise system that made you feel so tranquil and compassionate and oh, by the way, your abs now look like Taylor Lautner.  There are so many different kinds of yoga and it ranges from restorative poses where you can fall asleep in them because they are so passive and you are using a bunch of props like blocks, bolsters and blankets to have your body release tightness and tension to the uber-intense Bikram where you feel like you are being punished for killing people in your past life by being locked in a 104 degree room with a bunch of stinky people while you all contort your bodies into unfathomable shapes.


Depending on what kind of yoga you do, you can lose weight with your yoga loss weight practice.  You will probably end up doing a bunch of sun salutations which consist of classic poses designed to heat your core up, make you limber and get your heart pumped up.   Some of the poses in English are called, up-dog, down dog, warrior with variations such as Warrior 1, 2, and 3.   Also there is chaturanga, which is a like a push-up and then you lower your chaturanga, which is basically a lowered push up and then later you will probably end up doing poses like side angle, lunge and it’s cousin high lunge and triangle. Most vinyasa and even hatha yoga classes consist of a a series of sun salutations where you just do these poses for about 30 minutes and then the last part of your class you might venture into some poses that are new for you.  If my knees were not so cranky these days I would probably be going to other teacher’s classes or just doing more of these at home.  Unfortunately, knees don’t like lunges and squats and there tend to be a lot of these in most yoga loss weight classes.

If you want to do yoga weight loss system at home, I recommend buying a few power yoga DVDs and also buying Charry Morris’ Yoga for Weight Loss book.  She actually has a free guide that explains how yoga helps you lose weight by altering your metabolism and changing your perspective on food ( and your life in general)  This is not a quick fix or take a few pills and just magically lose weight.  It will require commitment, dedication, accountability and your attention and perserverance for you to really lose weight with yoga.

What weight loss programs have worked or didn’t work well for you?  



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