💋 Need a Date Night that isn’t Crowded, Overpriced & Rushed?

Philly Anniversary

When was the last time you got lost in your beloved’s eyes?

When was the last time you had an endless loving full body embrace? Get that 5th date feeling back with a spicy and soulful Yoga-licious night.

💘  As you go through the motions together, you and your partner can expect a closer, more romantic and more soulful relationship than ever with each other through giggles, movement and massage.

Start off the class with a guided meditation where you are your partner will form an intention together. You and your partner will do a silent blessing of gratitude to each other.

🧘🏻‍♀️  You’ll start to synchronize your breath and then slowly move in unison. As we progress, you will do poses where you mirror each other, juxtaposing your bodies.

👫  You will be assisting and adjusting in each other in poses in simple easy-to-follow instruction.Partner Yoga The poses are sometimes silly, sometimes challenging and sometimes restorative. After we are done with partner yoga poses you will then receive a guided Thai massage from your partner emphasizing loving intention.

👐 You won’t be worrying about technique or skill. Your partner will do moves that relieve pain and stiffness and leave you feeling like you are blissfully floating.

💞  After you both have received loving massages you will relax in stillness curled up in your beloved.

Our Couples Yoga Classes were voted Best Valentine’s Day by

  • USA Today – Top 10 Romantic Things to Do in PhiladelphiaFb ad pic PartnerYoga usatoday mention copy
  • Philadelphia Visitor’s Bureau Top Romantic things to do in Philadelphia!
  • Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch
  • Haverford-Havertown Patch
  • Connect in a revitalizing, strengthening, energizing and uplifting way
  • Release stress and stiffness.
  • Explore playfulness, nurturing and buoyancy.
  • Learn how to guide, honor, encourage, support and receive support from each other
  • Yoga virgins, the stiff and inflexible are especially welcome.Romantic Date Night with Couples Yoga in Philadelphia
  • 🎂 Ideal for Birthdays, Celebrations, Anniversaries, Proposals and Romantic Date Nights

Cost: $60 Per COUPLE. Pre-Registration with payment required.  No walk-ins.

💋  Upcoming 2018 Dates:  
🌹 Saturdays –   Feb Dates SOLD OUT.
 🌹 Saturday –   March 10th and 24th available.
💕  Fridays: Spots available Friday,  Feb 9th and Feb 16th.
Not sure which date you want?  Just leave the date blank and you have 12 months to schedule a class with a Gift Certificate.  Please schedule at least one week in advance.
Time: 8:30pm   

Location:   Small groups only at private home studio in Upper Darby/Drexel Hill area.  Exact location given upon Paypal payment.

Save your spot by filling out the Paypal info below.


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Date of Class

What to Bring/Wear: Please wear clothes you can stretch in, a water bottle and a willing heart.
Before: Avoid eating a heavy meal before.  Eat something light and easy to digest.
After: Plan on having a romantic evening at home with candles, soft music, wine or herbal tea.

What Others Are Saying

FUN! I’ve been practicing Vinyasa yoga for over five years but never practiced partner yoga before until I tried it for the first time with Synergy by Jasmine. It was definitely a fun new experience for me. It taught me how to trust my partner on the mat and encourage my own confidence. Plus the moves are tremendously fun and playful!Anniversary ideas near Philly

“Refreshing, Relaxing, Rejuvenating‎‎” By George – Aug 1, 2010

My girlfriend and I both decided to try this class and have been really happy that we decided to do it. I am a little newer to yoga than my girlfriend, and after telling the instructor, she was very accommodating to my needs. I plan on continuing to attend as this class has helped us better handle the stresses that everyday life inevitably throws at us. The attitude of the instructor was both supportive and nonjudgmental, and her enthusiasm for her work was very apparent.

“Loved it” By Danielle. Aug 23, 2010

Tried my first couples yoga class and I LOVED IT!!!!! If you enjoy yoga, I definitely recommend giving it a try.

“Wonderful way to connect‎‎”  By Cindy – Jul 12, 2010

Last night, my husband and I returned home from Jasmine’s partner yoga class relaxed and grateful for the time we spent focused on each other. We enjoyed Jasmine’s calm approach and the way she tailored the class to the levels of those in attendance. The studio at 3901 Main St is really beautiful. It was the perfect way to spend an evening together. We loved meeting Michael and the other students too! See you next time!‎

“Excellent Class”  By Cristina – Jul 12, 2010

“I’ve been practicing Hatha Yoga for four years and teaching it for one. However, Last night was my first experience in Partner Yoga. It was a special experience, because it was a way to connect with people in a relaxing and safe environment. I highly recommend this class.”‎

“Whole New Yogic Trip“, July 22nd, 2010

“We really enjoyed the class. It was a gift for our relationship and so badly need. So thank you for your gift of yoga. Because for a (yoga) newbie, my husband really felt comfortable and wished we could have done more. The class you lead last week really touched our spirits which was amazing! And for me partnering is a whole new yogic trip!”

“Relief from my back pain” Alan B, Aug 31, 2010

I went to a Synergy by Jasmine event held by the Sustainable Business Network of Philadelphia. I really liked doing partner yoga – I was able to help my partner stretch and also relieve my own strained back. It was a great exercise in physical and spiritual contact!

“Fun and couple-y”  By Patricia – Feb 24, 2010

“I had done yoga before but my boyfriend was not into it. We were both curious to see what kind of stuff we would do in a workshop. We really enjoyed some of the non-physical aspects of the class which were really bonding. The poses were fun and playful. It made for a great date night!‎”

“Playful and chill”  By KeeKee

“Jasmine has a way of bringing together a group so that any feelings of weirdness start to get laughed away.  Yoga is usually such a solitary practice but doing yoga with your significant other makes it to be a great way to bond in child-like ways.  “

“Your program is great and you do such a wonderful job of gently and attentively guiding the session.  We both were raving about the experience and would love to come back and bring some of our friends.” David R. 

“My grasp of the English language does not allow me to state more clearly than you have here in your own poetic, articulate and poignant way, the personal benefits of yoga in work effectiveness and work-life balance. I would only add that turning yoga insights outward in the world is a profoundly important practice.

All of the helpful aspect of yoga for personal growth and balance are equally as important when applied outside the studio and do stand up well in the more unpredictable light of the social and work world. The skillful reading of one’s body becomes the confident, accurate and impactful reading of another’s needs and style and, therefore, directly helps one manage the potentials and challenges of workplace and group relationships.

The stretching of one’s physio-emotional being in the studio as we learn to guide currency in certain directions parlays nicely when stretching to communicate with a coworker, when assimilating a new project, when managing the dehumanizing rigors of the work world. In fact, if one is as centered, focused, alive with compassion, free of unhealthy emotions, and able to successfully manage ego grasping in the best sense of yoga practice, then one should necessarily be able to be a warrior in the world of work as one brings the light o these practices gently to bare on the delicate and powerful interactions of work as one creates, advances, refines and executes the currencies of business. Your class helped me in this way.”  Aaren Perry

“You mentioned how yoga  influences our work perfomance, I’m not sure it does since we do it so infrequently, but I can tell you that it is most rewarding to our relationship.  The physical and emotional connections that we can make, the laughter that we share, all amidst the ambience is such a gift to us.  Plese don’t forget about us and do keep us informed about your upcoming retreats.  Thank you for all you do.  You are a blessing!”   Linda Duncan

“Thank you so much for the evening!  Choosing a single most memorable part would be tricky since the experience walked us through a broad number of mood spaces : intimate, playful, focused…etc.. you know how yoga can be, yes?  I have already mentioned our experience to several friends.  More importantly, both Tom and I have a renewed sense of urgency about re-incorporating yoga into our life.  “Elizabeth

“Thank you guys sooooo much for Friday’s class.   It was way cool. I enjoyed experiencing familiar poses in novel configurations, and also, just got a huge kick outta playfully following along with Steve. FUN!!! And the cooperative vibe continued thru to weekend. I think we talked more — and less superficially — over the next few days, and perhaps even still we’re benefitting from your couples yoga class.  But whatever — GREAT CLASS!!! Looking forward to trying another one, to discovering more ways to enjoy moving together with yoga.  Was a pleasure meeting you & Michael, thanks for being such awesome guides & warm, friendly personalities. Looking forward to another class soon.”  Carolyn

“Thank you so much!!! This will be the best 1 year anniversary ever!!!! You are much appreciated! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! ” Bob

“Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon that promoted relaxation, exercise and the opportunity to reconnect, all of which we so desperately need.  We had so much fun and will definitely arrange sitting for the March retreat.  Thank you again.  You two have really created something special.”  Linda

“We are so glad we had the opportunity to meet you and connect with each other in such a beautiful intimate setting.  We enjoyed each other and everyone very much on Saturday, and are so grateful to our children for bring this opportunity to light! ” Paula

“Jasmine is a warm and energetic yoga instructor and I highly recommend her classes for couples. My wife and I have attended several of these and they encourage interaction with your partner that is unlike the traditional yoga classes I have taken. Jasmine’s classes are suited for novices and those who practice yoga regularly and will be rewarding for all. ” Bob Walsh.

“Good afternoon Jasmine and Michael,   I would like to take this opportunity to extend a very warm Thank You for a delightful Friday evening!  Marc and I thoroughly enjoyed your class.  It was nice to take a ‘time-out” from all of the hustle and bustle in our everyday lives.  Thank you for the wonderful gifts of peace, love, and happiness! ” Debbie Duffy

“Thank you so much for the retreat and the suggested poses.  In regards to the benefits, there are so many,  first of all the opportunity to connect on both a physical and emotional level in a very intimate way,  the opportunity to stretch, strengthen and gain flexibility and the opportunity to share with others.  These, the amazing surroundings and your skill level all make for a most rewarding opportunity. ”   Linda 

“We found it interesting and a challenge to communicate without words, and we see couples yoga as a unique way to work on non-verbal communication. I found it a very cool way to be connected to my girlfriend through relaxing exercise. I love weight training, and my girlfriend likes a variety of exercise types, but we haven’t found much we both truly enjoy doing with the other, and not just exercising in the same space but really with each other. While we both enjoy traditional yoga, this was different  since we rely on the other to work through the poses, for balance and strength.

As far as what shifted, we have a fun, new way to relax/exercise in a date night fashion. The class was a great exercise in giving up control of our bodies and allowing our partner to have control. We also noticed that it was good practice for both giving and receiving. For me especially, I now know that I don’t need a more strenuous power yoga session to loosen up and most importantly, to allow my body to shut off. Thanks again for the experience!” Jason

“For me, it is even just taking the time to slow down. I am always running around from one thing to another and busy in life, and this class has been so helpful in just doing something for myself, something good and healthy and beneficial. Something that lets me breathe in and take a moment and reflect and have peace and calm. What has opened up for me is also stretching while also listening to your words which carry over into my daily life and not just at that moment.  Thanks for giving this class and for doing what you do. ” Daniel

“Your class impacted our relationship by adding another level of physical connection that we had never experienced.  We have discovered a new form of physical, sensual interaction, and we look forward to our next class!  The two of us have worked out together before but never in a manner that required that we trust both our own bodies as well as each other’s.  This shift in how we view each other is a welcomed change! ”  Kim and Jamal

“Jasmine’s yoga classes are relaxed and comfortable. She teaches to the level of all the students in the class so the poses are accessible to everyone and no one is left out. Jasmine is a kind and patient teacher who is committed to the growth of each student. She also plays a great mix of music during her classes! “Cindy Harrington

“We both really enjoyed the opportunity to hit pause on everything and connect with and appreciate one another.  We have a lot going so it really helped us get back in balance with one another and I feel like that feeling carried on even after the class.”  Kiana

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you.  We had a really enjoyable experience.   I gained a physical understanding of my husband’s tenderness through the yoga poses.  I have shared how lovely the evening was for us to our friends; hopefully they’ll be visiting you too.    Karina

“WOW. If someone told me that I would love yoga I”d probably say NO WAY. I’ve spent the last several weeks involved in the Gentle Yoga class taught by Jasmine and have become a fan of yoga. For those with joint pain,and inflexibility I highly recommend this class. I have had mutiple surgeries on most of my joints..elbow,wrist,shoulder,and knees and find this class benefical to relieving stress in these joints. The class is awesome and I look forward to practing yoga for years to come thanks to Jasmine.”  Justine

“We loved everything about the class. But of course, just the feeling of being so close and feeling the other persons breath made us feel very connected. I think it makes the feeling more intimate because you feel the other person spiritually. “Kiyomi

“We loved the couples yoga session.Nancy was delighted and the same applies to me. “ Oscar.

“Had a good, short run this morning, during which I noticed it was easier for me to tighten my core (to improve my running form)without having to also tighten my lower back muscles.  This is a big deal and I hope to see continued improvement in this as the weeks go by & my mileage goes up; this is the way it’s supposed to work.  Shoulders also felt nice and relaxed.  Emotionally/mentally, I feel calmer, more focused, and yet more relaxed.  Happy is an appropriate word today. Spiritually, all is right in my little corner of the universe.”  Kim    

Oscar and I loved our yoga for couples class with you last Friday.  It was excellent and I definitely would like to repeat it when we can. We left very happy and discovered that it was just teaming rain when we got to the street.  Oscar thought he remembered where you are located. . .and we had parked at the other end of Manayunk, so we had a long walk to the car.  BUT we used my yoga mat as a huge umbrella and laughed all the way back and we’re still smiling. Thank you both for making our time with you so lovely.  Nancy

We enjoyed the couples yoga class.  Doing the poses together and receiving and giving massage brought us closer. Our focus was on each other rather than traffic, email, activities etc. We felt relaxed and peaceful at the end. Having tea with others in the class afterwards was also nice. Not only did we have a shared closeness but knowing others experienced those connected feelings in their own unique ways was quite special. Hope to see you soon! Jen

“This was a great experience for us. We carried that feeling through the whole weekend. The timing was perfect, as I was off the whole weekend, and October’s going to be busy for me. We’ll be back!” Joe

“This class helped us have a great weekend together. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for us. She’s been overworked and stressed out and I’ve been dealing with some severe anxiety issues. We’re both secure enough in our relationship that we knew we’d get through it okay, but we did experience a bit of an emotional disconnect over the past few weeks as a result of all the stress.

This class was a perfect way for us to just shut out the rest of the world and focus on each other. The patience, understanding and closeness that we shared in the class carried over to the rest of the weekend and I feel like we were finally able to put all of the stress behind us and move on. Thanks so much for everything!    Amanda

My partner and I decided to check out couples yoga because we wanted to do something different for our Fri night date night. We had such a great time! Jasmine and Michael do an awesome class. Even if you’ve never done yoga before, I’d encourage you to give their class a try. The class includes yoga, relaxation, massage and some cuddle time at the end. After the class, you can relax and drink tea with the instructors and the other participants. They’ll even take some super cute pictures for you if you want them to.

If you’re looking for an intimate and memorable date night that will bring you closer to your partner, both physically and emotionally, it doesn’t get much better than this. Go check it out on a Fri night. You won’t be disappointed! Steve

  4 ways to get the right start in partners yoga

Couples Yoga for Beginners

Couples Yoga for Beginners

1. Don’t assume partner yoga is only for couples. Some partner yoga classes allow you to sign up as a solo participant and seek out a partner in the class itself. If you go this route and you’re new to partners yoga, try to pair with a student who’s about your height and weight. Mahoney notes that as you get used to the practice, learning to adapt the postures to two different body types is a rewarding challenge. 2. Don’t expect miracles. If you begin a couples yoga class with an existing partner, talk with each other before going to the first class about what you want from this. Try not to let your expectations get overblown in terms of how the class can remedy any specific relationship challenges you’re having. Go in with an open mind and heart — not with a sense that this is going to fix something, but a willingness to learn and grow together by sharing and connecting through yoga. 3. Be ready to be giving. As a supportive partner, your role is to listen as well as share openly, and to treat the person you’re practicing with as you’d like to be treated. Sound familiar? By exploring physical give-and-take, you and your partner can dive deeply into the principles that govern successful, supportive friendships and loving relationships. 4. Enjoy the moment. Be present and focus on each other during your partner yoga class or practice — and try not to take anything too seriously, cautions Mahoney. “Take a deep breath and relax. Laugh together. Partner yoga is full of the hilarious and the divine.” A partners yoga pose sequence to try Child’s pose is a simple favorite to explore with a partner, Mahoney says. “Everyone loves the deep release that the partnered variations give the sacrum and lower back. Child’s pose can also serve as a solid base for other heart openers such as Camel pose.” Start with this how-to video for child’s pose from the Gaiam Yoga Club: Now add the couples elements: For a simple but delightful partners yoga massage, Mahoney suggests beginning with one partner resting in child’s pose and then moving into the following sequence:

  1. The active partner stands between the resting partner’s outstretched hands, and the resting partner takes firm hold of the active partner’s ankles.
  2. The active partner leans forward and walks hands down the resting partner’s back until you come to an Upward Dog-like position with hands resting on the lower lumbar or sacral area of the back.
  3. From here, the active partner moves his or her weight forward into the hands to give the resting partner a deep low-back release.
  4. The active partner shifts weight back into his or her heels, releasing the pressure. Repeat several times. Very, very nice!