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Romantic Date Ideas & Private Yoga Lessons in Philadelphia

Romantic Date Ideas for a fun date night and/or anniversary


Forgetta bout another boring dinner & movie date night! Try one of our ideas or suggestions to spice up that good ole date night.

So how did we get into yoga and romance products, which seem like two somewhat unconnected areas.  I have been doing yoga for over 15 years and I found myself able to grow more insightful, reflectful, revitalized through my yoga practice.  Some of the the most profound insights have come to me on my yoga mat since I was able to get in touch with some deep inner wisdom.  I was able to hear the quiet voice of my soul through my practice.  I knew this was going to be part of my life path… my purpose…. my dharma and wanted to be involved in this in a way that I was able to powerfully impact others as well.  I witnessed my body tranfsorm… my mind evolve… and my heart starting to open.

Guys you can Do This!

Sample Video of a Couples Yoga Class

I found myself becoming calmer and more even-keeled.  I learn postures that could help with all kinds of physical ailments and illnesses ranging from depression, anxiety, low back pain, shoulder tightness, neck stiffness and insomnia.

I dove deep into my practice and to learning how to teach yoga.

romantic ideas

I wanted to transport people through movement, postures, breath and intention.

As far as the romance part of the pie goes…,  a few years ago me and my sweetie were doing a regular yoga practice together and he really wanted the practice to be a way for us to connect with each other.  We started to experiment with poses where we were doing the pose together…sometimes mirroring each other, sometimes juxtaposing our bodies…. sometimes adjusting and assisting each other.  Some of the poses were silly.   Some were nurturing and restorative.  Some were strengthening.  Some were challenging.  And then some of them were very challenging.  We also added a Thai massage element to our couples yoga practice.  I always felt like massage is a tangible expression of love and I wanted to teach couples ways to nurture and heal through the magic of massage.
Through our combined partner practice we were able to connect on a kinesthetic level and explore new levels of support, balance, trust, buoyancy, freedom and also find out where our limitations where as well as learn other ways to communicate boundaries and limits in a compassionate way.  This new style of communicating, not with words but by touch, intention, movement and breath opened up a venue for us to explore physicality and energy within our relationship.  We wanted to share this joy with as many people as possible.

We teach Couples Yoga on a regular basis in the Philadelphia metro area and wanted to find ways to share this magical, blissful feeling you get when you feel completely bonded with your significant other through yoga, massage and other holistic modalities.  We also wanted to offer products to couples in crisis that didn’t know where to turn and didn’t know if couples counseling was right for them.  Most of our products fit into a holistic, vibrant, living lifestyle for singles and couples that crave adventure, intimacy, spiritual growth and self-actualization.

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Best Valentine's Day Spot by Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch, and Haverford-Havertown Patch

As featured on Body Beautiful by www.VisitPhilly.comAs reviewed in Be Well Philly Blog

“Peaceful and Playful” Jan 17th, 2011. Curtis A big thank you to Jasmine Kaloudis and Nancy Boudrie for their Healing Retreat yesterday! I left feeling perfectly peaceful and playful.

“Letting Go”. J.F., Jan. 16th, 2011. Both the yoga and the meditation brought me so much relaxation. I’ve struggled a lot and am finally coming to letting it all go. I’m so thankful for getting this opportunity for this yoga retreat.

"I'm a college student from New York." March 22, 2011 I was visiting my girlfriend in Philly and she suggested we attend Synergy by Jasmine. It was absolutely great for the both of us.

“Relaxing” E.C. February 4th, 2011 We enjoyed the class and found it relaxing. We both slept like babies last night.

“Wonderful way to connect‎” By Cindy – Jul 12, 2010 Last night, my husband and I returned home from Jasmine’s partner yoga class relaxed and grateful for the time we spent focused on each other.

“Relief from my back pain” Alan B, Aug 31, 2010 I went to a Synergy by Jasmine event held by the Sustainable Business Network of Philadelphia. I really liked doing partner yoga – I was able to help my partner stretch and also relieve my own strained back. It was a great exercise in physical and spiritual contact!

“A Wonderful Experience” Anna, March 2011. “Thank you both for the time, the attention and consideration you provided on Saturday evening. I enjoyed myself and felt centered thereafter. You and Michael are doing an excellent job and are offering a wonderful experience.”

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