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Yoga Reviews of DVDs, Books, Websites and Teachers

Yoga and Weight Loss

Yoga found me about 15 years ago and it has been quite a ride.  Sometimes I hate yoga like a cruel ex-boyfriend, sometimes I relish it like raspberry cheesecake.  My body yells at me when I don’t do it and it doesn’t shut up but just keep yelling at me louder.  Yoga is not just about putting my foot behind my head but it is a practice that gets me attuned to my inner world through intention, breath, movement and meditation so I can see what’s really going on deep inside from a place of light and clarity.  I’ve cried more than once in a yoga class from the emotional detox that was happening and felt supreme oneness with the ether of the universe at other times.  Some of my most grueling and most blissful moments have been during my practice.  Yoga is not for you if you just want to stay the same.   Yoga for me is ultimately about evolution and transformation.  Yoga goes beyond what’s just happening on my mat.  It’s helped me develop a consciousness about how my choices affect the world around me and this allows me to choose differently from a place of power and compassion. Here are some yoga things that have come my way that I want to share with you.  We are affiliates of some of these companies and we do get commissions from some of them.

Yoga Reviews of DVDs, Books, Websites and Teachers

Top 100 Mind-Body-Spirit Websites List summary

Many of the teachers, products, or retreat centers I have personal experience with.

Top 100 Yoga Websites, Best Spiritual Sites

They have shaped my yoga journey and other parts of my non-yoga life. I have taken many of their classes or workshops or bought their DVDs and have practiced to it dozens of times. A few are sites that I regularly read their posts. Some are because the website or author has written an influential book in this realm.