Private Yoga Lessons in and near Philadelphia

Private Yoga Instruction in Philadelphia

Private Yoga Instruction in the Philadelphia Metro Area

Looking for a fun way to celebrate a Birthday, Anniversary, Retirement, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Wedding shower, Bachlorette Party or celebrate your newfound singledom?  You can also commemorate memorials in a spiritual and respectful way with a private class with a special candle-light meditation in honor of the deceased at the end with private yoga instruction for those living in the Metro Philadelphia or Philly area.

Benefits of Private Yoga Instruction

  • Renew the love and connection with your partner or friends.
  • Experience moments of intimacy, rejuvenation, healing, transformation and relaxation.
  • Learn how to encourage, guide, honor, support, be silly, be playful and receive support with your loved ones.
  • Feel profoundly connected to a group or friend or with a loved one.
  • Reduce physical aches and pains, tensions and anxieties

Philadelphia Private Yoga Instruction at Your Home, Office or Retreat

Classes can either be partner yoga or traditional yoga classes done in a group setting.  Please let us know if couples or friends will be attending the class.


Cost of the program depends upon a number of different factors. For more information, please call 610.352.1177 or email and let us know about:

  • Lighting System – can we adjust lighting to be soft and calming?

    Yoga for Your Bachlorerette Party

    Yoga at Your Bachlorette Party or Wedding Shower

  • Sound System. Is a CD available?
  • Location and parking.
  • HVAC System, will we have access to modify temperature during and before class.
  • Type of yoga, gentle, moderate, vigorous, prenatal, couples, partner etc
  • Day and Time.
  • One time class or repeat class.
  • Paypal or check up-front required to secure class time .
  • Physical Space – how many will it accommodate, level of privacy and surrounding noise, and will we need time to move furniture around.
  • Fitness level, body types, yoga experience of participants
  • Number of students

We look forward to connecting!