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Romantic Date Ideas & Private Yoga Lessons in Philadelphia

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Farting in yoga class? What to do when this happens and how to prevent It.

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When I am just a student in the class and someone accidentally lets a noisy one out I giggle and laugh and look in the direction of the lethal missile.  Now that I do a lot of teaching and am not the student that...

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Yoga & Meditation Music and Song Reviews – Tunes to Downdog, Chill or Get It On To

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Top  Yoga Meditation Music and Yoga Songs I play in Class In a yoga class setting up a vibe with lights, music and space is such a key part of the experience.  It really takes you to a sacred place and I tend to...

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Stiff Neck, Tight Shoulders and Knee Pain – Jill Miller’s Yoga Therapy Tune Up DVDs

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I don’t like to be a hypochondriac but I have been plagued with neck and...

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Best Valentine's Day Spot by Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch, and Haverford-Havertown Patch

As featured on Body Beautiful by www.VisitPhilly.comAs reviewed in Be Well Philly Blog

“Peaceful and Playful” Jan 17th, 2011. Curtis A big thank you to Jasmine Kaloudis and Nancy Boudrie for their Healing Retreat yesterday! I left feeling perfectly peaceful and playful.

“Letting Go”. J.F., Jan. 16th, 2011. Both the yoga and the meditation brought me so much relaxation. I’ve struggled a lot and am finally coming to letting it all go. I’m so thankful for getting this opportunity for this yoga retreat.

"I'm a college student from New York." March 22, 2011 I was visiting my girlfriend in Philly and she suggested we attend Synergy by Jasmine. It was absolutely great for the both of us.

“Relaxing” E.C. February 4th, 2011 We enjoyed the class and found it relaxing. We both slept like babies last night.

“Wonderful way to connect‎” By Cindy – Jul 12, 2010 Last night, my husband and I returned home from Jasmine’s partner yoga class relaxed and grateful for the time we spent focused on each other.

“Relief from my back pain” Alan B, Aug 31, 2010 I went to a Synergy by Jasmine event held by the Sustainable Business Network of Philadelphia. I really liked doing partner yoga – I was able to help my partner stretch and also relieve my own strained back. It was a great exercise in physical and spiritual contact!

“A Wonderful Experience” Anna, March 2011. “Thank you both for the time, the attention and consideration you provided on Saturday evening. I enjoyed myself and felt centered thereafter. You and Michael are doing an excellent job and are offering a wonderful experience.”